Which sleeping position for mattress?

The Benjamin

You have decided to leave your old mattress and buy a new one. But what now? Where and, above all, how do you find a mattress that really suits you? After all, your goal is to sleep in peace and not wake up at night to think about the more or less good properties of your mattress…

The fact is: An average two-minute test bed on a mattress can give a first impression, but for a comprehensive judgment and a well-considered purchase decision this is definitely not enough. Here, more far-reaching factors must be taken into account in order to ensure a long-lasting feeling of well-being.

Alone or as a couple?

First, the question should be clarified, whether you sleep alone on the mattress or whether you share it with someone who may have completely different sleeping habits and who may have a different body type. If the differences in sleeping position and body weight are serious, as far as possible two single mattresses should be purchased.

The annoying strangulation can later be eliminated by a continuous collection pad or a topper. Some mattress manufacturers also offer the option of combining two different cores in a so-called partner relationship.

If both mattresses are in a double bed directly next to each other, they should, in any case, be the same height to avoid a “staircase” in the bed. According to the mattresses then two slatted frames should be used, otherwise, both people will sleep in the middle of the double bed. For this purpose, in particular models with borderless suspension are suitable.

Which sleeping position?

Preferred lying position next is to clarify which type of mattress best suits you and your sleeping habits. Just think about whether you usually prefer to fall asleep on your stomach or back, or rather lying on your side. It is the favored sleeping posture. Side sleepers require a highly bendable and adjustable mattress because of the broadly varying, side body shape to be able to sink in with the hip as well as shoulders far enough. Belly as well as back sleepers, in turn, call for a firmer bed, that holds up well and avoids drooping in mid body area. Looking for sleepjunkie for more info, do not miss to visit our site.